What follows is an excellent approach for monetizing your social relationships that involve delicate luring and persuasion. Your company might have a large fan base, yet your entire marketing plan is ineffective if your followers do not convert.

Marketers must first understand what motivates their followers to become paying clients. Living advocates are fantastic, but your company cannot exist without income.

This article discusses four strategies for converting prospects into customers.

Don’t just push the sale

Although social media aims to convert followers, consumers don’t want to be advertised to on social media. They want to be involved on social media like they are with their friends and relatives. It is primarily a communication and information tool.

According to research, more than half of consumers (57%) will increase their spending with a brand if they feel engaged, and 76% will choose it over a rival. Investing in customer connections directly influences corporate revenue and increases customer loyalty.

Customers want to know more about the individuals behind their favorite brands. For example, 70% of consumers report feeling more connected when a brand’s CEO is active on social media, and 72% of customers say the same when staff publish brand information online. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try to sell on social media but make sure you go about it in the right way. Instead of going on Instagram and posting a picture of a product saying, “Buy me now,” publish a video that explains how the product solves a problem and answers common customer questions. Give the customer a reason to visit your website and use that as the Call To Action (CTA). Forrester uses “Learn More” to push companies to their site for better engagement. 

Source: https://komarketing.com/blog/analysis-b2b-social-media-cta/

Once the customer clicks through to your site, the storefront can do the hard graft when converting them with promotions, offers, and product visuals. 

Remember to interact with customers on social media by responding to queries and comments. Treat it like a digital customer service engine and make them feel like part of your brand. 

Social media customer service

A social media presence allows customers to reach out and ask questions of a brand. Smaller businesses can get to know some people personally, learn their pain points and offer unique solutions. Followers can get a picture of who sits behind the brand, including your morals and values. 

Consumers perceive companies in a new context as the need for relationships develops. The brands emerging as leaders focus on creating authentic connections with their customers, shifting away from a focus on selling and further distinguishing themselves from the competition.

To truly engage with people, businesses must meet them on their chosen communication channels and develop content that features the brand’s people.

However, corporations cannot communicate their people’s stories without a robust social base. Customers feel better engaged with companies with a solid social presence. That implies companies must focus on the consistency and quality of their content. 

Consumers, in particular, desire content that humanizes an otherwise faceless brand, and they want the people behind the companies to do the posting. Guide customers through your funnel and provide products and advice that help them along the way.


The truth is that businesses must ramp up their efforts and focus more on conversions, as this is the ‘real’ purpose of their social media marketing initiatives. Plan your marketing strategy, provide enticing offers and calls to action, share stories with your followers, and encourage them to join discussions. 

They will quickly become clients and recommend you to their relatives and friends if they feel connected to your brand.

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